Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skeleton Closet: Day Out-Of-This-World

I am very grateful that my bad luck is yielding a quick turn around this year-- karma must be taking care of me.
I got to working on the skirt after mulling over my rant. The next day, I was invited by my friend and neighbor to head into the city. I was not only able to buy the remaining supplies I needed to continue the purse, but I was also able to spread the gospel of Five Guys burgers. She never had them before-- we were too busy enjoying our burgers and day out to take any pictures of the day, heh...

Well! I finished the skirt in time for the day out; being able to wear an entirely self made outfit filled me with profound gratification and pride, especially when I could say I made the entire outfit-- including the necklace and purse! I very rarely get a chance to do that.
While working on it, I decided to change the way I designed it originally because I just wasn't in love enough with the trim I was to use for the side seams. So I used some venetian lace that was purchased some time ago from an Etsy shop that closed its doors; I waited for the right project to use it with, and so I trimmed the front horizontal seam with it. To add a little more detail to the front I also adorned the vertical seams with satin rosettes that I crafted. I also ended up using some scalloped lace to create an overlay to the side flounces.

I'm still deciding if I should use the remainder of the venetian lace on to the back. I didn't add it yet because if I did it would remove all the stretch and allowance it has for movement-- and since there is no vent, I would literally hobble as I walked.

The day out turned out to be crazy fun-- I don't remember the last time I spent an entire day with a friend (friend that I made the unicorn hood for). It felt really great. To top the night, as we were heading home we were discussing the meteorite strike that happened in Russia and how she loved it when she had a job studying meteorite debris. Admittedly, we were being a little facetious of the events in Russia; commenting that if a premature death were to occur to us that a meteorite strike was the best. To our shock and astonishment, we witnessed a burn out! Ahead of us! We sat with our jaws wide opened, unable to fathom the coincidence of such an occurrence...
We knew it was a meteorite because of the trajectory; it was coming down and burning out, rather than up and fizzling (like that of a firework or flare). It was bright and flaming and just... pure magic!


We discovered a hidden gem in town; a thrift store that offers some wonderfully vintage and second hand finery for unbelievable prices. We found a super sexy long dress jacket by Newport News that was made from a purple and black printed rayon polyester material detailed with a velvet collar... among other equally delicious items.

I didn't have money for anything I found, so she purchased the jacket for me in an arrangement we decided upon.
In the next skeleton closet post, I will have an outfit given entirely by another friend I made here in town. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people around me-- it's a wonderful and redeeming factor to this town; the people who work for the National Park service that reside in and nearby.

What I am wearing:

  • Blouse: self made
  • Skirt: Selfmade
  • Belt: Fairweather Co.
  • Jacket: Gift from friend
  • Necklace: self made
*closer look at my handmade jewelry*


  1. That skirt is lovely! If only I had sewing skills like you, there would be a world of possibilities. haha

    1. It's worth it to learn!
      The only thing I would say is that don't go into sewing thinking it's cheaper to make your own clothing, because it usually isn't-- unless you wait long enough that the things you need coincide with coupons (which usually don't), or you find exactly what you need at the thrift store lol... plus start up costs are hefty, unless you're given everything you need to begin.

      buuuut, after all that the world truly does open up! Heheh.

  2. It's amazing that you sewed all of your clothes yourself! The skirt could as well be in a Sinister catalogue. And that necklace *_* I'd never have thought of matching that shade of blue with a bat, but your necklace came out beautiful!
    Also, I love the jacket you bought. I'm not a fan of purple, but that roses pattern is gorgeous.

    1. I didn't know what Sinister was, so I looked it up-- wow! I love their clothes! It flatters me that you think it's good enough to be in their ranks! *blush*

      Oh montana blue ab crystal is my second favorite crystal to work with-- I'd say heliotrope is the first one!

      Yes, the pattern to the coat is utterly gorgeous! I am super excited about it.

  3. Oh my goodness! I never stop getting surprised about how talented you are! It´s amazing you could make all your clothes yourself. I am such a clumsy person! And oh, the necklace is simply amazing, darling.

    1. Thank you, lovely lady!
      Eh, I am quite a clumsy person as well-- even now I make mistakes! But it's ok as long as you keep trying =)

  4. Such a pretty skirt and the necklace is gorgeous!

  5. Love the skirt, gorgeous! And you gotta love thrift store finds, I wish we had more of them around here.

    1. Thank you =D
      If there is one thing I love more than crafting, it is the thrill of going thrift store shopping!
      We also don't have any good ones in town, but in the city there are definitely wondrous ones!

  6. Your whole outfit is just amazing, Madame MM! And how lovely your friend bought you the jacket! I presume the arrangement is that you will be making something for her in return - maybe a copy of your lovely bat necklace? ;o)

    How wonderful that you've managed to meet some nice people in your small town. :o)

    1. Thank you kindly!
      She's a wonderful person to do such a thing-- as well as the other lovely people here who have shown me such kindnesses.
      Well she doesn't wear jewelry, but she certainly has something in mind which I am only happy to oblige!

  7. A fully self-made outfit.....impressive!!! It looks great!

    1. Thank you!
      I hope I can continue this drive to make entire outfits inside of just single pieces :)


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