Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Peplum Confessions

Well dear readers,

I'm happy to say that today I'm feeling in an exceptionally good mood, despite an extremely sudden cold spell that has aggravated my joints. Things haven't changed much, no, but certainly something in my form of thinking has since committing myself to being Lighter-- I must really thank Ms. Misantropia, lists seem to really work for me... especially if they're short baby step ones heh.
I feel inspiration trickling in my brain, and it all started with a design feature.

I usually try to acquaint myself with what's in style, not that I really follow it in my own wardrobe; I love fashion, what can I say? Last years fashion trends have went right up one of my alleys with 40's vintage inspiration, while this year is offering questionable 70's and 80's comebacks of some really atrocious stuff.
Regardless, one key design feature I have been absolutely obsessing over is the peplum, which appears to be going strong this year for spring too. Oh beautiful, wondrous  peplum.
There's a very tiny difference between a peplum and a fishtail hem-- the peplum is a circle flair that begins at the waist and ends around the hips of either a fitted bodice or pencil skirt, whereas a fishtail hem is just a circle flair on the bottom of a long fitted skirt.
As far as I know (and I could be really off target), the peplum was making the most headway into fashion around the 40's when a waspy waist was making a comeback... the corset being replaced by girdles of all kinds, however.

Since I am an absolute thrifty gal I am pleased by people who choose to keep up with trends, because this means that my beloved thrift stores receive surges of last years trends around spring; lots of people's favorite time of year for many other reasons than the weather. Alas, since purse strings are tight I have abstained from visits to places that might tempt my inner fashionista.
But! I have plans!

Since being lighter means making the best of my situation (no new crafty supply), and since my craft room is officially organized, I was able to really get to know my current stash. I'll be honest, it's as grim as I first thought it was... but I have enough material to make one, maybe two projects. I've decided that a peplum blouse is what I'll make.

I've opted to go with a much more modern take on the peplum however, taking huge inspiration from Asian trends, which in my opinion are almost always so chock full of the most exquisite lace details-- here are just a couple examples:

I have some left over stretch velvet and a yard of stretch lace that my mother sent me in one of my care packages-- I can't wait to show you all what I have in store!


  1. That blood velvet suit is amazing.
    I never developed a taste for sewing from a pattern, I don't know why. I rarely make clothes from scratch, I mainly upcycle. But when I do I still prefer to wing it. I realize it limits me and needless to say, I could never pull something like this off. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Isn't it so lovely? I really want to make a copy of it someday lol...

      I actually don't have that pattern hehe, I just wanted to show the example of a peplum in 40's fashion and it's one I really loved. I wish I had it though! I've been drafting my own patterns for quite a while now, but perhaps some day I'll use commercial patterns, if I ever get my hands on some juicy ones like that one!

  2. I would gladly make and wear that pattern. Or, far more likely, purchase it and have it sit in my stash for years.

    1. Heheh, this pattern just begs to be made! With your eye for good patterns I'm sure if you do acquire it, it will be made ;)

      Oh I so wish I could have this pattern, if only just to frame it-- I'll probably try drafting it since the likelihood of me getting it is slim to none lol.

  3. I love peplum, i'm excited to see the result :D

  4. OMG I AM LOVING THE PEPLUM TREND! That lovely little circle of fabric hides all of my "flaps" in that area, as I like to call them!

    1. Heh, that is my exact sentiments; it's beautiful and classy... and also hides those bits well ;)


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