Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Hurly Burly

My hubby left on Friday, and since then I've kept my mind and hands busy in order to prevent any negative thought from emerging.
Alas, I crafted my hands into a coma...

Yesterday I spent the night nurturing a crippling episode of carpel tunnel, but thankfully it happened only minutes after I finished my intended projects. 
Today isn't so bad, as you can tell from my typing this post, but I'll be taking it easy.

Sunday was my 1st wedding anniversary; it was spent celebrating as well as one could do on her own: sewing, of course.

Finishing the final "piece"
I made an entire outfit to commemorate this somewhat joyous occasion, but its final showcase will have to wait until I can put it on and celebrate my hubby coming home. For now, let me whet your appetite with the reveal of the mock up of the above pictured piece.

I saw this skirt... somewhere. Being unable to locate the original, coupled with having zero money to purchase it, even if I did... I thought it would be a nice piece to recreate from the vague memory I have of the skirt.

The ties are long enough to come forward or stay backwards. The final product will have a lot more lace, and of course it will be black. I might add some white lace to this mock up... then who knows what will happen to it, heh.

I made yet another blouse from the same view I've been using in pattern 6078, but I added a little extra touch to it so it'll match up with the skirt. I know, I keep making these blouses! I'm currently obsessed with them-- this is the last one... I think. Probably not... but hopefully the last one you'll read about.

Anyway, aside from all that, I took a look at my most recent candy find and realized I could upcycle the tin instead of just having it jingle around just for the pleasure of how it looks.

Left is my sewing kit tin, and right is my candy tin.
I bought the left tin from China town during my visit in Vancouver a year a go. I purchased it because it was the only sewing kit I've ever found with a tiny pair of scissors with black handles. I purchased the right tin at It's Sugar during my visit to Phoenix last month for my brother-in-law's graduation.

I pulled a switcharo so that my travel kit now suits my tastes. I added in a couple extras; a tiny wood spool of black thread, a spool of purple thread, and a stitch-remover.

These tins also come in a white skull, or pink-- which I completely intend on buying before too long.

P.S. if you haven't seen Frankie's tattoos, have a closer look in the older post about her here.


  1. oooh you sew over pins. Everyone says you can but I am terrified to, I have already broken one sewing needle with my awkward sewing abilities!

    It sucks that you husband can't be there, I hope circumstances improve soon.

    I love a dress tie that can tie front or back. don't tell me what to do, I will tie you how I like. Ha ha.

    I love the sugar skull tin, the instant I saw it I thought that I would totally keep that tin, in fact I would get it for the tin rather than the candy! I love the idea of it as a sewing kit!

    1. I don't sew over my pins, though it seems that way XD
      I could go on a very long spiel as to why it's a very bad idea to do that, not only because of the bodily damage it could potentially cost you!
      Hmm, perhaps I'll even write a post about it =P
      Thanks for the inspiration!

      I'm the same way, I love versatile details!

      The candy isn't good at all XD
      I bought if for the tin, too-- great minds think alike. Though it would've been nice if it tasted as sweet as it looks.

  2. Cute skirt and cute tins! I hope time flies while your hubby is away. Schedule some extra cuddly time with your kitty :)

    1. Thanks!
      Heh, Poe has been getting more cuddles than he can handle =P

  3. Aaaw, I'm sorry about all the bother that's been happening to you! I know it doesn't look bright right now, but don't forge that you guys are there for each other! *hugs* I'm sure the time spent apart will make the celebration even sweeter when your hubby comes homes! ^^

    Crafting, I guess, is one of the best ways to keep yourself busy, because your time and efforts are actually rewarded when you finish something...much better, than eating ice cream in the bed... - yeah, that's what I've been doing since I'm not working anymore...:D
    Alright, I go and paint some figurines...^^

    1. Yes, I feel very blessed to have such a loving husband-- I am very grateful for that =D

      I can see how someone could derive a lot of satisfaction from painting figurines, I've always wanted to try it myself!
      But I am keeping my ice cream while I craft, too heh ;P

  4. I always buy the candy specifically for the tins. I have a nice collection of Ginger Chew tins that are perfect for safety pins. Of course, even if the candy's terrible, I still don't throw it away. ;o)

    1. I was so addicted to ginger chews!
      But I can't find them here... or maybe it's that I'm not looking hard enough.

      Heh, I didn't throw the candy away-- I still ate them all =P
      Waste not, right?


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