Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Polka-Polka, Polkadots

It's time for the Professor's Homework Assignment!
This month she asked us to base a post around polkadots; one of my favorite fabric patterns... perhaps my only other favorite aside damask. Polkadots isn't limited to just fabric, for example many have already posted polkadot nail art,
But for the sake of doing what I do best, I will stick with fashion... with a twist of the past.

Once upon a time, a young Mortem (pre-highschool) took it upon herself to draft her very first pattern! And it just so happens I still have the result of such an endeavor. The article in question is:

This skirt.

It's not just the dots that are relevant, but the fact it is about to be a little over a decade old; made by the hands of 14 year old me. I must admit I'm surprised how well it held up, considering I was no more than a novice then.

The real question is whether or not it still fit... 11 years is a long time, much has definitely changed. So, it occurred to me that this should also be a BatFit sort of test, to see how much I have changed in that time.


Not much at all.
To my shock and awe, I didn't have to do any squeezing or sucking-in to put it on. Since I have so very few pictures of myself when I was young (it really means none), I decided I would dress and do my hair (more or less) how I used to in the latter part of my babybat years.

The ensemble would've included purple fishnet or stripped stockings, that I currently don't own anymore. Also my hair wasn't quite as long back then, and I usually wore pigtails... yeah, I know. 

I honestly can't get a grip on what style I once was-- it wasn't fully goth, though I adorned myself often with skulls and bats. I wore an extensive amount of color in the past, and made a transition to purely black, lace, satins and velvet over the years as I grew.
Perhaps one day I will stumble upon an old photo of me wearing this exact skirt those many years ago...

And what would a polkadot assignment be without polka music?


  1. Wooow, you look cool! That hairstyle rocks!

    I used to dress very goth when I was 14, but I've never worn too many colors before either. I used to wear stuff like your outfit in this post, except for the prints, but also with fishnets...oh, I feel nostalgic now...:D

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I too was feeling quite nostalgic when I unearthed this!
      I have lots of my old clothes from jr. high and highschool back in Canada-- I'm a bit of a pack rat >.<
      Though, I must admit to wondering how this made it in my suitcase when I came down... just as well, it felt good knowing it still fit!

  2. So totally jealous, I can't fit into clothes I made less than five years ago :D That's old age and laziness, I guess, building up on the waist... *sigh*

    I really like the way you paired polkadots with white lace, it gives the skirt a very innocent look. Works nice with the ruffled top and the hairdo :)

    1. Hehe, I suppose one could also see it as somehow my body never got a hormonal memo to get the full body of a woman XD
      I'm still teetering around 5ft, which I suspect will only start decreasing as I start getting grey!

      I thank you for the comment =D

  3. That skirt is extremely cute <3! I love the shape and the lace :D. And it looks super good on you.
    By the way I think your babybat style wasn't bat at all! We all started with striped fishnets afterall ;)

    1. Thank you =D

      Ah, yeah-- this was only as I really started finding my niche. The earlier years prior to this, which ironically was during the construction of this skirt... well, I wore lots and lots of baggy camo pants and graphic tees. The latter years I began to start owning up to my female body, and wearing skirts and dainty things =P

  4. Wow, great work! I was nowhere near that level of sewing in high school, but I am making up for it by trying really hard now! I am a bit jealous you haven't changed shape at all since high school, but I was so tiny, I suppose I can't expect to have stayed the same!

    It also makes me nostalgic and wish I still had some of the older clothes I had when I was first into Goth although not sure if any of them would fit anymore.

    1. Thank you! My passion for sewing has run deep for many years, hehe.
      I suppose, that is what I also meant by not changing much-- my dreams haven't changed in all the years!
      Heh, I stayed tiny in more ways than one; I have grown in height maybe an inch or two in all those years, as well.

      Well if you ever do come upon your old clothing, I'm sure with your inclination and drive towards sewing, you could sew new life into them and keep the nostalgia!

  5. What a gorgeous construction for a 14 year old! GO YOU! And let me tell you, you look adorable! That skirt still fits like a glove, BAT FIT ROCKS! :) Thanks for participating and thanks for the polka music ... now where's Ed for some dancing?

    1. I'm as surprised as you, by the durability of the construction. Although, I must admit that a few of the skirts that came after this weren't quite as successful, so it could've been a first-timer's fluke =P

      I'm happy to participate! Thank you for the lovely comments =D

  6. I distinctly remember the first outfit I made when I was fourteen - a white peasant dress with multicoloured embroidery on the bodice. Very colourful embroidery I remember, but at least I outlined it all in black! I wish I still had it. Keep that skirt for forever, Madame MM - just for the memories!

    That's a funny polka song... :D

    1. Ah it sounds beautiful, what a shame you don't still have it =(
      Heh, I kept the bulk of the items I made or reconstructed-- like I said to an earlier comment, I am a huge pack rat lol

  7. Oh man, I would never fit into anything that I wore when I was 14!! I used to be very skinny and flat-chested at that time. The skirt is definitely very cute!


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