Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skeleton Closet: Attack of the Killer Copy 'Bat' + Pattern Review

And by 'killer' I mean awesome... hahah!
I should make a sectional of my blog for my copy cat dealings-- hmm.

So in one of my previous posts, I wrote that my mother sent me some money for a little retail therapy during my health issues. In it, I expressed the desire for a couple Hell Bunny dresses, but one seems discontinued while the other is not viable financially.
For the price of both of these dresses, I was able to purchase everything I needed for all the dresses I planned for in that post-- a total a 4, including the one I didn't mention much.

Last post, I revealed a sneak peek of the dress I was working on, but did not mention which one...
Well, dear readers...
VoilĂ !

Sporting my broken spare glasses...

This is the New Look pattern 6457 in view A.

From afar the pattern of the fabric merely looks like multi colored polka-dots... but when you come up close, it reveals itself to be eyeballs on a faint spiderweb background. This dress is meant to somewhat mimic the simplistic but outrageously awesome Hell Bunny eyeball dress.

As some of you know, I currently have a "thing" for eyeball things... this dress was an inevitable contribution to my wardrobe.

Knock-off dress with my knock-off hair bows
The dress itself needed some fit adjustments around the curvature of the bodice side front pieces, since I am not as well endowed as your average woman-- I still have the body of a teen that just barely hit puberty. And believe it or not, it can sometimes work in as an advantage.

Another adjustment to be done was the length of the skirt. It wasn't a huge deal since the pattern inadvertently lays it out for you.

The line which you're supposed to sew your ribbon trim also works in shortening the skirt overall. I chose to cut on the highest line-- on me, it creates the perfect length just a bit above my knees since I am merely 5 feet tall.

It goes without saying that the straps needed adjustment also. I have excruciatingly narrow and short shoulders, disproportional to my torso-- meaning nothing off-the-rack with straps ever fits properly.
The instructions mention only overlapping the front of the straps, while keeping the back untucked.
I didn't think that looked clean enough for me, so I simply did the same at the back as in the front.

Once the band is stitched on, the inside looks super clean and tailored. It would be even better if this dress was lined, but I didn't buy any fabric be able to do that.

The only disappointing factor was the difficulty I had matching the pattern of the fabric with seams; it's an absurdly random pattern, and I just couldn't find the magic formula to prevent cut offs-- I did my best, but it wasn't enough! Ugh. Guess that is my penance for mismatching my husband's shorts, heh!

Pattern overview:

  • View A is a simple silhouette, there was little to no road blocks in dealing with adjustment issues; basic level knowledge. Great for the beginner.
  • Optional extras: tailor's ham to press around curves for better sewing results.
  • I would sew this dress again; it's fun, cute, and works really well with busy prints.
I'm pretty stoked that I now own an eyeball dress-- huzzah!
Also, you must check out my awesome tights, as I'm equally stoked about them, too! I found them at Dollar General... isn't that crazy?!

What I'm wearing:
  • Dress: New Look pattern 6457
  • Anatomical heart necklace: self -made
  • Eyball hairbows: self-made knock off
  • Tights: Dollar General
  • Belt: Fairweather Co.
  • Boots: K-mart


  1. Oh wooow, that is awesome! I would totally wear it! Now I am going to have to look out for eyeball fabric and maybe copybat off you! :P

    1. Oh please do, this dress is immensely easy and completely cute!

  2. Sigh, you fun-sized people get all the good tights.

    1. I always thought the opposite, hehe. Most tights are much too tall and tend to bulk in all the wrong places.

  3. Well done! The dress is so cute and pretty!

  4. FREAKING FABULOUS! Oh honey, you did such a beautiful job ... and now you have me itching to move even more than I am already. All my sewing and knitting stuff is at the house and I SO want to dive in RIGHT NOW. :) Keep 'em coming because you are being a great inspiration to get me over there, unpacked and sewing. WAHOO!

    1. I'm glad I could inspire you!
      I really hope to see more of your sewing, too! I can't wait, hehe.

  5. So darn cute!!!! =D I love the dress with the belt!

    1. Thank you =D
      I would like to figure out more ways to style the dress-- it feels like it has more potential than I gave it in these photos, heh

  6. Awesome, very well done! ^^ You can even make a supposedly creepy eyeball print look so cute...! :D

    1. It's funny, because not too long ago I was saying I missed not being able wear Halloween prints due to the fact that they made me look and feel younger than I am...
      That opinion totally flew out the window... heh.
      I decided to say what the hell to social standards, and just have fun! =D

  7. Nice work! Very cute style and it looks great on you. :)

  8. Lovely! And you look so good in it :). Very nice job, really. It must be amazing to be able to do such pretty things for yourself!


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