Sunday, October 20, 2013

Creepy Craft Crusades: Emotional Brew

Such a mix of feelings this month has brought so far.
A mix of several inconveniences, and one giant wallop of good news.

The good news is that government shutdown is officially over.
My husband went back to work this past Thursday from his two week and a half furlough. What's more, we've received news that the whole time will be back-paid to us... at least the federal employees. 
I wouldn't call the lost time a "vacation", because that would mean ignoring the worry and anxiety of waiting for a conclusion, for the perception that this time was somehow enjoyable...


Since it was an emotionally taxing month, it seems only natural that I would immerse myself completely in my sewing... it's the best way that I can wind down or blow off steam, and it works oh so well.
I admit to being slightly surprised that this sewing streak is still going strong despite having lost a great chunk of worry-- at this point my fingers and brain would be telling me to slow down and enjoy the "victory"... but no.

I have begun yet another commercial pattern (from my latest pattern haul) which will later be reviewed upon successful completion. For now, all I have to offer is the muslin stage of the bodice from one of the said dresses, and a semi-panoramic view of my sewing room in its current state:

Before this pattern and after the shorts I created last post, I (reluctantly) drafted the pattern and already sewn a pair of Star Wars shorts for my husband. They feature my very first attempt at seam pockets-- which came out beautifully.
The reason for my reluctance was purely because it's Star Wars, and I'm a Trekkie.
I think it's safe to say that love hath no boundaries.

However!  I am allowed one petty act, I think, heh...
The miss-matched pattern of the fabric was an intentional but subtle jab.
I didn't want the shorts to be the very best that they could be, even though it really really disturbs my inner seamstress.
As I've finished mentioning, we may be husband and wife, but I am and was always a Trekkie... at least the rest of it has my best efforts, hah!

He's also sporting a bleach dye shirt I made him, too! It's one I made him months ago, but I just never blogged about-- there's a lot of projects that go unblogged. It's a Spinal Tap shirt!
Here's the back of it:

If you haven't seen the mockumentary that started a real band, then I suggest you watch it ASAP. It's quite funny, and surprisingly catchy.

And so comes the part where I let you in on a couple bits of bad news...
One of the issues that caused the shutdown was really only postponed... meaning this all could potentially happen yet again!
And for extra fun, both my main and spare pair of glasses suffered unfortunate accidents...


  1. I'm glad to hear things are back on track for you guys.

    1. Thanks,
      Now I hope that some job in the city opens up to my hubby, so that I can also have a job

  2. Not a big fan of the Star Wars shorts personally (nice subtle put-down, BTW), but that Spinal Tap t-shirt is pretty awesome! I'm glad he's back to work, but what a drag that it could happen all over again.

    Oh no - I'd be lost without my glasses - literally! :P

    1. He begged me for weeks to make them-- it was tough to say yes to Star Wars.

      Yeah, I mean I hope the likelihood of it happening again is close to none... but really, that's what they said about this past shutdown, so who really knows.

      I had to tape up my spares in order to see; I can just barely decipher detail at arms length, beyond that it's a giant blurry haze!

  3. A furlough is definitely not a vacation... unless you like your vacations nerve-wracking. :P I am glad it's over and your husband will receive back pay. It's absurd that Congress can't compromise even when the alternative is shutting down the government.

    I love that you didn't match up the shorts. That's hilarious. :)

    1. Yes, I was so tired of hearing that we "had a vacation"... ugh! So trivializing.
      I'm very upset many of the decisions they make.

  4. Here's hoping the kids on the hill grow up and play nicely together so we won't shut down again. Sigh ...

    Ah, my Ed is a huge Trekker .... HUGE. He's not into the new stuff, preferring the original series. I mean seriously crazy geeky nuts. Ha! He would get a kick out of your mismatched sewing. :)

    1. I hope so, too!
      I'm so tired of this bickering between parties.

      I haven't touched Enterprise yet, surprisingly, because I never liked the actor who plays Captain Archer...
      One of my friends says it isn't that bad.
      I enjoy re-watching it all, especially TOS and Next Gen. My mother grew up watching TOS, so it only followed I suppose! Heh

  5. Awwwwwww, I can swing both ways with trek and wars... I made my dad an awesome star trek pillow with big spock kirk bones and scotty faces. I loved the print! Love the star wars shorts. Awesome job on the pockets!

    1. It's definitely hard to relate... but there is some comradery in the fact it's all sci-fi. My husband is foremost a fan of LOTR, so our heated arguments deal more with genre differences than intergalactic politics, hehe.

      Thank you! I'm quite proud of the pockets, all be the theme of the shorts!
      That pillow sounds so damn awesome!


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