Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: A Looming Feeling + Putting Bats on Things

It's fairly obvious by now that the coming of the winter season has put in high gear the desire for warmer crafts.

Knitting has always been something I have aspired to learn, and it took me a while to teach myself how to do it (I want to say 10 months, but I am never sure-- I'm constantly learning)... though I often wonder if I have too many hats and scarves, by now.

It wasn't till a few months after completing my first project that I found out about looms for knitting...
Boy, the ease of use with these-- I can't help feel like a cheater sometimes! Heheh.

I have two sets, one circular and one rectangular. You can guess from the shape what it essentially produces-- though there are many kinds of looms by now, not nearly as many as were easily available when my younger brother and mother purchased me my sets.
The first project I ever made on a loom was actually posted in the past, though I am still so new to loom knitting even now, that I continually discover new stitches and ways of using the two basic types of looms.

Where there's yarn...
I'm secretly hoping santa brings me a Martha Stewart modular knitting loom set (I know, I'm greedy! I already had presents!)-- it's the only one of its kind currently, and the potential crafts are exciting to say the least.

During my myriad of hospital and clinical appointments for my gallbladder and subsequently my surgery, I was taking my looms with me... but it was apparent I was missing something-- an easy way to carry everything on the go.
And so began the quest for the perfect knitting travel kit.

It first began as a humble altoid tin, but as the need for specific tools increased, so did the need for a little more space and flexibility in a carrying case.

The lining is purple, the zipper teeth are pink and the zip purple! But it was missing something...

I remembered a travel makeup case my mother sent me that I absolutely love, but was missing the final and pleasing element it so desperately needed.

So, I ... put a bat on it!

I betcha it's flying all over the cave....

I don't actually like the show Portlandia, but this skit gets me hollering with laughter quickly-- probably because I do the same with bats...

Everything is made better when you put a bat on it-- fact!

And now, I have an awesome travel knitting case, and I even included the oh so humble altoid tin-- in miniature form!

What's in the bag:
  • Mini altoid tin full of handmade stitch markers
  • Panda shaped retractable tape measure
  • Purple silicone needle tip covers
  • Stitch counter
  • Stitch and needle gauge
  • Cable needle
  • Burt's Bees cuticle cream and lip balm-- for chapped lips and fingers!
  • Stitch holder
  • Mini bamboo crochet hook and darning needle
  • Bean shaped mini snip scissors (I attached it to the bag)

Since I don't think I'll be slowing my knitting till spring, and since all my friends and loved ones are covered with gifts, I am going to be making available the purchase of some of my surplus knitted goods.
It would help me raise money for the supplies needed to begin the steps towards making my aspirations for a small craft business come to fruition.
Without further ado, here's the first item up for grabs.

Kawaii Kitty (or bat if you prefer...) Headband

Half loom knit, half needle knit with thick/bulky acrylic yarn. It's super soft and especially warm for the coming winter months. I decorated the ears with a bow and a few acrylic pearls.

I am asking $25.00 U.S. with $3.00 shipping within the U.S.
International buyers, please email me (address located on right side bar) for a shipping quote.

Care Instructions:
Gently handwash, don't wring dry-- gently squeeze excess water, and continue patting with a towel. Do not tumble dry-- air dry flat on a towel.


  1. I made my crochet bag (which I haven't touched in shamefully long) out of a diaper bag pattern, because I wanted it to be big enough to hold my projects too. It's made of various spider fabrics.

    Your bag is super cute though - I bet they'd sell on Etsy.

    1. A project bag is something that's on my project queue-- I just haven't found the *right* fabric, hehe. Yours sounds really neat! Is it quilted?

      They just may, but the fabric of my kit bag would be a little tough to find... but it would be something to look into with those people who print custom fabrics!

  2. That is cute as hell. Curse my bangs! They look goofy in such a thing!

    1. Funny, I was cursing not having bangs for this, heh. I think it would look super awesome with betty bangs... but I'm too chicken to cut my hair at the moment.

    2. Betty bangs would work, but mine aren't that. Mine are bangs-are-cheaper-than-botox bangs. Too long for headwear, too short to push to the side. Juuuuust enough to cover my glorious forehead of wrinklitude.

  3. Ooooh, I think my youngest would like that! Can I buy it? :o)

  4. Cute! And I love the pic with the kitties, heh heh!!

    1. Thanks =)
      They always know when I'm about to start knitting, and make themselves available to "watch" as soon as possible.

  5. OMG, that skit is hilarious! I feel the same about Portlandia as I do with SNL - often I think their skits go on way too long and loose momentum half way.
    And I agree, that bag needed a bat on it :)

    1. I agree, there are gems between the two shows, but I feel it's not often-- my impression of most of their skits is exactly en pointe.

      I'm very addicted to putting bats on things.

  6. The bat customisation is snazzy. Everything is better with bats! I ADORE the kitty-ear head band - you could sell your stuff on Etsy. While the kitty ears ARE gorgeous, I'm broke right now, so can't afford to buy things :(


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