Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Fashionably Late To The Party-- Part 1

So the new year is underway, and many of us have been taking advantage of the second wind a fresh new year instills in most folks.

I realize my "new year"s post is a touch late, but I was enjoying the past month with my family in Canada and have arrived back to AZ only a couple days ago.
There is only one computer at my mother's house, so my online time was almost non existent; it was just as well, I would've cut it down anyway to enjoy the time I had with my family. Since I've decided to yet again jump onto the Batfit program that kicked off at the beginning of the year, I've decided to break up these new year posts and intentions, so no one post will be too long to comfortably read.

I look back at the past year with a bittersweet nostalgia-- a lot of good came from the past year, but it also brought a few disappointments and heartaches. It was a good a balance of both as one could hope for any given year.

I haven't forgotten about my efforts (post: memory keeper jar) to keep positive thoughts at the foreground of my mind; though at times it felt like an impossible tug of war. And so, today I dug in to see what I felt was important enough to pop into the bucket.
It's worth baring in mind that there was an incident when the cats got into my memory bucket, and likely ate a few of the "memories"... I specifically remember a couple that aren't there, so my suspicions of their consumption seem correct. The white ones represent nice little memories, and the colored ones represent the pivotal moments.

Here's the result of those efforts (some of them were posted about here-- follow links):


Ones that are missing:

I hope everyone's new year started off on a positive note, 
and that you're on your way to a balanced year!


  1. Welcome back Ms. Mortem! I was delighted to see that you visited Ms. Insomniac :)
    The memory bank is a great idea.

    1. Thank you! I had lots of fun visiting with Mrs. Insomniac; we delighted in many wonderful little shops and thrift stores! I'll be making a post about it soon =D

      I love the memory bank-- I have a savage tendency to focus in on the negative, like most people, but this helps me to remember all the good so I don't feel like the passing year was quite as terrible as my mind makes it to be lol

  2. Woot! I'm a pivotal moment! ;o) I really enjoyed our outings together and hope you guys did too!

    I think it's good you left early, Madame MM ... tomorrow's flight might have been cancelled from all the snow we got today! :D

    1. You *had* to be, I never met anyone quite as like-minded! It was a real treat visiting with you, and I hope to do it as often as I come up there! Hehe, if you're not tired of me =P

      The plane was delayed when I left! :/
      It was delayed an hour and 45 mins... it was a real drag, but apparently they had nasty weather in Edmonton that day, which is where the plane was coming from.

  3. That is a great list of things! It is nice to know you had some great events! I have been trying to remember to tag my blog posts with events so I can look back over fun stuff I did, and to write it in a memory book too. Silly cats, eating memories... that sounds like a kind of spooky story, hmmm.

    I am still jealous of you getting to meet the Insomniac! I hope I will meet you both one day@

    1. I admit to being surprised how well the year went-- I built it up in my head as a lazy sort of year, but I guess not! Memory banks help tons to remind you of all the good things =D

      Cats are a great source of inspiration in the many things they do... hehe.

      I hope one day we shall meet, too!


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