Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Still Waiting...

So last we spoke, I was still waiting for my new home to close... and guess what? I'm still waiting.

Meanwhile, I have been knee deep in the most profound boredom I have ever felt.
But without going into more details, I'll simply say this:

I keep trying to get out, but the hike to get anywhere that isn't a run down trailer park, or industrial area is a bit of a walk-- and in this heat, it's torture. I forgot to pack a hat... blast it.
Anyway, we're supposed to move in by the middle of next week. Of course, they said that last week... so we'll see.

I have an absurd amount of things to catch up on... it's quite daunting to think about. Aside from the projects I promised others before this unforeseeably long hiatus, I want to get back to doing my own projects and gaming... desperately!

In order to keep what little there is left of my sanity, I've been buying patterns off ebay to keep my boredom at bay, and to keep those creative thoughts flowing.

The cats are starting to lose it, too
This backfires a little because it only drives my frustration through the roof for not having enough money or the means to actually sew any of these in the visions I have.
And my what visions they are... I can't wait to start up a sew storm.

These are likely the first of this particular batch of patterns that I will sew once I get my home and creative laboratory running-- I will not say which one of the views I will be sewing (though it may be obvious). It'll be revealed once it's sewn.
There's a few design changes I am likely going to be doing to each, but the overall style and cut will remain very much recognizable to the pattern example.

Nevertheless! Brownie points to whoever guesses the combination of views I will sew.


  1. Ooooh, I love A on the left, though I'd probably have to change the skirt because I'm picky.

  2. I can't believe the bad luck and turns you've had with your living situation since... well, since I started reading your blog! I was wondering if you would send your address soon, since my purple skirt is waiting to travel the Atlantic - but now I understand. I really hope you get to move in soon!

  3. Here's hoping they're right this time and you do get to move in next week, Madame MM! If I can't sew myself, at least I'll be able to enjoy someone else's projects! :)

  4. Here's hoping the move goes through soon!

    Have you been knitting anything? I like to do that when I'm away from my sewing machine for an extended period. A ball of yarn doesn't cost a lot and takes awhile to get through. Though the heat may leave you less than inspired...

  5. Aww that Cyntia Rowley dress is lovely!!!


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