Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Home Sweet-freakin' Home!

Can I get an awww'yeah!?

After all that time spent going a little more than mad sitting in that hotel room day in and out-- I can finally call Carlsbad, NM home sweet home!

We have been living in the new place for a little over 2 weeks now, one of which was spent without our possessions, the other week finally receiving them but then also finding work so that the process of unpacking has become super slow...

The good news is that we're finally home, I have work, and the kittles have settled in just fine-- Poe took a little longer than Khan... as is apparent by this (blurry-ish) picture:

I had only just put down the cat bed during the first day of getting the keys... Khan is stoic, that's all I can say.

Poe on the other hand, took his time feeling at home, but we didn't help his mood much once our things arrived...

He's so freakin' adorable, even when he is casting his death glare. No, Poe, I will not burn this costume...ever!

The best thing about this house aside from the fact that we have a giant backyard, double the square footage and a pimped out kitchen? We get a game room and I get my craft room! Squee!

Before the arrival of my things
There is still so much left to unpack. I have seriously underestimated exactly how much we have accumulated into our apartment-- geez! So much stuff!
I think perhaps it was the hotel that gave us perspective on that... living so minimally and all. Thankfully that is over-- I like my decadence, and I love my crafts, I love being able to sit down and pick a movie out of our hundreds or just spend that time gaming, leveling my paragon on Diablo 3 or some other game.

There was one good thing that came from being in the hotel for so long. I did draw quite a bit.

I think this tattoo concept might actually be the first one I get. After I had finished, I gave myself a jolly good pat on the back. There's just something about raw lines that makes my heart flutter. I'm thinking my forearm might be a good place for this one.

Like I mentioned, I do have a job-- I worked at the local grocers as a cashier... it's tough work, and there's so much to lift and remember. It gives you quite a physical and mental work out, though it does become second nature very quickly for how repetitive it is. Thankfully, the owner of a fabric store called me back just a few days ago offering roughly the same pay and hours! I am so freakin' elated to have landed a fabric store job... words fail to express the happiness I feel for having landed such a perfect job.

That's about all the related news I can think of... but there's so much more to update on, but it deals in different topics. It's good to finally get back to blogging!.

^v^ XOXO ^v^


  1. You live in a bat town! No mosquitos for you!

    Working at a fabric store? Sounds…dangerous.

    1. I do! And I have had the pleasure of getting my wits scared out of me by bats hanging out on the front door already, heheh.

      Working at a fabric store *is* a dangerous notion... see what I did there?! Heh.

  2. I like the Before and After arrival pics! I agree, living with minimal possessions does make a person realize how few things we really need - but at the price of our sanity, I think. :)

    I have to agree with Tante F. - a fabric store job sounds dangerous. But wonderful!

    1. Heh, I was on the brink there... I suppose I could've kept going, but I don't suppose I would've stayed intact-- I might transform into a new person, more irritable =P

      I'm very excited for the new job, and yes, I do worry about my paychecks getting cut in half because all I want to do is buy fabric from work lol

  3. Congrats! Squeeeeeew! How exciting!!! And fabric store? I agree with Tante, sounds dangerous. BIG TIME! Muah!

  4. AWWW YEAH! I love the black cat being all cute and derpy and Poe being so grumpy, suits his name, I guess. I love your drawing, it would make a wonderful tattoo! And glad you got a fabric store job, that suits you perfectly! Try not to spend all your pay on fabric though!

    1. Derpy is a good description of Khan, hehe. He's exactly that =P
      Now I need to find an artist I am comfortable and confident with for the tattoo work, heh.

      I will certainly try my best to resist buying all the fabric each pay day!

  5. Congrats on the new house and new job!


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