Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Cold Blooded.

Assignment time from the Curious Professor Z!
This weeks topic is Dog Days of Summer-- how do you survive the heat of summer?

I am asked this frequently as someone who literally has 99.9% black clothes (you can count on one hand the number of discernibly colored articles in my closet)-- even my undergarments are all black.

To which I tend to reply, I am cold blooded.
I hear this term thrown around, but I find it inaccurate in its use. Many people use it to describe a love of cold weather... but our real cold blooded critter brethren might disagree, and its their definition that I use this term with. When the cold weather comes upon us, I do as the reptiles and amphibian do... I slow to nearly a halt. I cannot function, and I sleep all the dang time-- not even moving around warms me up, because in order to reach the temperature I am comfortable at requires a lot of movement, which means sweating because of all the layers I am likely in-- and well, if my skin is even slightly damp it cools me off immediately. You could say that I'm just as picky about the temperature of the ambient environment as our little brethren, too. It has to be precise in order for me to be a happy guppy-- hot by the norm, but something cool (preferably no ice) to drink or take a dip in to be just right... I can get overheated, but it takes a special/extreme circumstance to get to that point.

A little kindred spirit I found on my way to work one day.
Don't worry, I didn't keep her from her business for long.

Yes, I am Canadian, in case you had your doubts about me now... but this Canadian was born from a pair of sun loving folk who aren't originally from those parts. Naturally, I inherited said weakness to the cold (heck, if it isn't dessert food, I refuse to eat cold food because I get too cold with that and a cold drink)... but! My skin resists burns better than anyone I personally know. During a vacation in Hawaii, I stayed on the beach from dawn till dusk nearly every day for two weeks, and the worst I suffered was a tan that lasted me several years. Even in the scorching heat of the desert sun, where my hubby would likely receive severe burns (which he has because of carelessness), I get a soft glow to my skin.

My daily bike ride to work is usually in temperatures reaching upwards 90 degrees Fahrenheit, all while clad in black... and the one thing that usually crosses my head is 'winter bike rides are going to suck'.



  1. Your analyze of being a cold blooded person is interesting! I always thought it is a more metaphorical expression but your explanation is just as good in everyday use as the metaphore. :D

  2. You're very lucky to be able to do summer in Goth clothes, and summer in general! I am quite the opposite; if it gets above about 25C, I cease to function properly and just try not to move while simultaneous wanting to find somewhere cold and dark to hide until the sunshine goes away! :P It can get well below freezing and as long as I don't get wet, I don't mind the cold (but I live in Scotland, where it rains sideways in winter because of the wind... Hard to NOT get wet!) and I adore snow. I think if I moved to Canada, Scandinavia or Russia, or anywhere else even colder (but snowier rather than rainier) in winter than where I am now, I would be fine, but I find the warmest days in Britain are too hot for me, and I've managed to pass out in the heat in Scotland...

  3. You would think with a Chinese mum I would like the heat. Nope, I guess it's because I inherited English colouring and probably blood. I boil and sweat in summer. I don't tan, although it seems I don't burn too badly if I don't go into direct sun at the wrong times, so that is good. Last summer I realised that sitting by the river under some trees in the afternoon in a sundress can be nicer than sweltering in a long sleeved shirt.

  4. I'm freezing during winter but don't like this heat. Heat turns me to a slow dizzy thinking zombie.

  5. Ehh...I'm the total opposite of you, then; I can take the cold; I have no problem with winter, snow and ice or ice cold drinks, but I can't stand the heat. :)

  6. I am not cold-blooded. In fact, I can wear open-toe shoes right through Fall and into Winter and I don't get cold but I love, love, love the heat. It completely contradicts my wardrobe and I don't care. When I'm gardening and the sweat is dripping down my face and my arms, I feel magical as if I myself am a Sun God.

  7. I am the opposite, I cannot take the heat! I get migraines and heat stroke very easily. You are very lucky!

  8. >trying to even process the idea of being cold blooded<
    Nope, too hard. Gonna drape myself over the air conditioner.

  9. Fellow Sun-Goths unite!! I'm freezing at sub-75 degrees here in the mid-west U.S. and am perfectly content in 90 degree temps for days on end. I hibernate at night in my bed at 70 degrees, but need the heat and the sun to be happy the next day. My mom called my skin "yellow" but I think I'm gold :). WINTER SUCKS!!!! I AGREE!

  10. I have to admit, I prefer moderate temperatures over anything else. I die in the extreme heat and humidity of NYC summers, and I die in the extreme cold of NYC winters ... yet, I want to move to Boston. Go figure. I'm a very happy clam when temperatures are between 40 and 60: cold enough to wear sweaters and tights, warm enough not to have to wear layers and layers.

    Thanks for participating!

  11. I guess then I am hot blooded :) I just shut down in heat, and by heat I mean anything around 30 degrees.

    I got your books last week, thank you! I haven't had a chance to look at them yet since I've been super busy lately, but I will and I will send out the skirt this week.


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