Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Lackadaisical Crafters Anonymous.

I am such a flake...

It's not that I don't care about the person, definitely not the case...
I prefer to craft and write at my own pace, this is the sheer and ugly truth-- ugly because if my heart is not into it, I take forever and a year to do it.
My actions do shame me, especially when a loved one is waiting for something... but every time something is requested of me, I can never seem to do it in a timely manner. I just don't know how to counter this, so it keeps happening. Ho-Hum.

A few months back, the same friend whom made me sully my hands and sewing machine with her Trooper Pinafore, asked me to make her a WW pilot wonder woman corset that I mentioned in that very post.
Well, I finally got it done. Her event has gone and past, but at first the delay was for the unfortunate business of not having a home and just a hotel room to live in. Then it was realizing the movers lost my package of zip ties I was going to use for boning; which by the way are incredibly hard to find in a 1" width.
So after a long time searching, I finally did find the boning... but more delay came from the loss of interest in wanting to work on it.

If it wasn't for my husband's constant nagging, it probably would've taken a lot longer to get it done, heheh. Love that man.

Reporting for duty!... finally...

She had sent me the Simplicity pattern 2067 to work with; I completely redrafted it to her custom size and my design details, so in other words, this made a pretty good sloper to start off. I have to say, this was the first time I had ever done such extensive tailoring for someone who couldn't be present. It took a lot of back and forth, but we got it right, and it's not too bad if I say so myself... doesn't look flattering on my dressform because it obviously wasn't made to fit me, heheh.

Original sketch

I think the most annoying thing about this endeavor was the binding... I hate making and applying bias binding-- curse its beautiful appeal! Second was drafting in those pleats... it took more time than adjusting the bust size to waist ratio.

While I was still living in Holbrook, AZ I had my neighbor help embroider one half of the gold stitching with me. It created a nice afternoon of cocktails and crafts.

All in all, I'm glad I was able to complete this.
There weren't as many tears as I would've expected...
She promised me that she'll take a shoot with the trooper and this corset, so you will all get to see them on whom they were made for!


  1. Oh, yes I'm just like you; If I'm not in the mood for something, I just don't do it...and I feel terribly guilty about it,'s just how it is. I tried to change, I set up schedules, set reminders, alarms, left post it notes for myself all over my home, know how it is...:P

    The corset is gorgeous! It's typically Wonder Woman - ish, but I can imagine it in a retro / WW outfit and setting. ^^

    1. I should just never commit to crafting anything again for anyone, and just make it without telling them if I want to gift it lol-- just as Laura mentioned.


  2. I also have some major changes in sewing motivation all the time. Sometimes I sew a lot, sometimes I don't touch the sewing machine for weeks. It is like it is...

    I hope that your friend will wear this with care, using cable binders for full busts doesn't work for long periods of wear. Which would be a pity when they deform in such a pretty corset!

    1. Exactly, it is what it is.

      I only put boning in the last two panels seams in the back, just enough to prevent the eyelets from bunching when laced up. I didn't put it all over because I didn't want it to warp awkwardly after several wears.

  3. I love the drawings on your dummy, did you do them?

    It looks great, I am also struck by crafty procrastination! Maybe just don't make things for people if it's for a set time? Surprise presents are always great, anyway!

  4. Yes I did, I updated a post some time ago that was showing the construction of the dressform and the drawings on it here:

    Yeah, I think this will be the last time constrained project I work on... I just can't ever do it in time lol. The minute I know I have a deadline, everything starts shutting down. It's weird. If no one tells me a due date, I can deal it out in a couple days... so weird...

    1. I never commit to projects for friends anymore. Oh, except for that coat I promised a fellow blogger probably a year ago and have only got cut out so far. But just that one thing. LOL


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