Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Bat Sh*t Crazy Shopping Haul.

You know those moments in crafting when you're so stumped about what to do, it's hard to recognize where to begin?
Well, now imagine what that's like when you multiply it by a hundred. That's what happens when you're in a middle of a crafting crisis, and find that your favorite craft store is having a massive sale

Last week, I was heading to El Paso to renew my green card. Since we were going to be there for a couple days, and our hotel was conveniently located a few minutes away from a Joann's, I figured I'd go in and buy a pattern I was thinking of ordering, and maybe browse what they might already have out for Halloween.

The "excuse".
I step up to the doors and notice a small letter sized paper taped to it with the words "Store Moving Sale!"... dread took the heart of my dear husband, my friends, for he knew then that the beast within me would tear out and run rampant, wreaking havoc in her wake.

My eye twitched a little as I tried to collect my body from lunging, but once that waft of fabric, and notions and crafty goodness all on sale hit these nostrils-- indeed, it felt as though I went bat shit crazy.

The "aftermath".
 It felt like minutes, but was likely several hours... I snapped back to reality when the car door shut, and the deed was done. I may have went in to browse and purchase one item, but reality is hardly true to expectation.

More graphic images.
I think more than anything else, the patterns were definitely the best buy, because they were a whopping 99 cents a pop-- pretty insane considering that just one of these is $19.00. I bought 15 of them.
I even bought a reusable bag, because the images on it are worthy for consideration in my inevitable tattoo. Ok, so it's a little weird that when I look at this bag I don't just think "that's cute", I think "that would make a great themed sleeve"... but sew what!

A little irony to back it up-- whomever gets this, gets my utter respect.

List of patterns:
Fabric (click to enlarge):

1 yard purple foil on purple jersey
2 yards spider web with bats lace

2 yards velvet flocked jersey
1 yard black mesh with purple foil ribbon

2 yards velvet flocked stretch denim

At least someone other than myself is enjoying my purchases!


  1. What a lovely and cheap haul you have there! There are never sales on sewing patterns here in Germany, so I buy mine from the states. But I never get such a good deal like you...

    1. It's only until I moved to the U.S. that I really even began growing a pattern stash because of all the sales that occur everywhere here! When I lived in Canada, I would scrounge the bins at thrift stores for salvageable patterns, and that was the extent of my pattern acquisitions because I just could not justify the original retail costs... and it yielded barely anything at all. Another small part of the reason why I preferred drafting my own, to creating from them.
      Obviously, that's changed! Heheh.

  2. What a stash! I love the black mesh with the purple ribbon! The bag full of cats is also good! :P

    I know what you mean, that bag is great tattoo inspiration!

    I laughed at what you said about your husband's dismay and your unconcious shopping frenzy, I know that feeling. I come out of the store with a bag of fabric going, "I didn't even want half of this!" oh well! :P

    1. I know! I'm a little worried if I'll have enough time in my life span to sew everything in the entirety of my pattern collection now... =P

      You know what I find funny? I wish for a sewing themed tattoo... but the money is instead spent on the buying of said goodies. There have been past months when I could've totally paid for some work, but I go away with a bag of crafty goodness lol-- no regrets.

      Oh, I truly believe that within all us crafters lies a beast waiting for the words "mega sale" at a craft store to give us a reason to unleash.
      Spouses better take cover!

    2. Yes, I am trying to save for a tatt again!

      Oh yes, Jon brought in the mail and there was a Spotlight (sewing shop) catalogue, and he was like 'you shouldn't read this', needless to say I did. He is lucky I have to take a really long bus journey to get there! :P

  3. I see that you got a pair of handy furry pattern weights.

    1. Handy is one way of putting it, and yet another way to put it is destructive. Woe to a pattern that is left alone with these two... but you can't stay mad for very long at those faces-- it's their ultimate super power. They could be drenched in blood, and they will still appear cute.

  4. The Joann's a couple towns over was going out of business, and I probably got 20 patterns (a bunch of Burda, mostly) and a lot of fabric.

    I might have a problem. I don't care.

    1. Do you think there's a sew-aholics anonymous? Screw "fixing the problem", it would be neat to show off each other's hauls =P

  5. Oh, lol, this post made me laugh so hard...just the way you described the moment when shopping frenzy took over you...it would make a terrific comic. :D

  6. Seems like a totally sane shopping spree to me. But this comes from a person who bought 300 yards of black lace... so my perception might be a wee bit skewed. ;)

  7. Wow, so many patterns what a bargain! I spot a lovely peplum top in the pile :)
    the fabrics are beautiful. What a luck you had!

  8. Love your fabrics and your kitties :)

    I have been under the weather lately, but your skirt is packed and ready to send.


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