Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: A Practice in Productivity.

This weekend I decided to make some time for my own projects, as I have been very busy catching up on projects for others.
Remember those gaming cushions I made? Well I finally got around to making the larger cushions to go with.

I had to order the Star Trek cotton on Etsy because the shop where I work at doesn't carry it... and I have a hunch the owner wouldn't order it; she's a Star Wars nut, and her and my husband like to gang up on me with that, heh.

She, of course, carried varieties of Star Wars cottons I have never seen in all my searches through fabric stores.

It glows in the dark
I admit, I am probably beaten on the cool factor this time on my pillow, simply because his glows in the dark and mine does not... so in order to draw some attention to mine, I appliqued a command logo onto mine... I think my mini pillow wins between those, though... bah!

Overall the cushions were a fairly quick afternoon project-- the thing that took the most time was making the bias tape, and then making it into piping to sew in. I made them into envelope covers so it would be easy to wash them.. I wish I would've done that with the mini ones.

Afterwards I sunk the rest of my afternoon into Guild Wars 2; I decided to get back to it after hearing of all the updates that have been made. I am not pleased about the whole dyes not dropping anymore, and still not please about the lack of a trinity system... but the other changes were enough to rekindle my interest in playing.
The problem with playing an MMO is that you never realize it's late until it's really late... but you're not tired and you still have so much energy leftover!

I decided to tinker around with a bin of 20 year old legos my husband brought in from the garage. Leftover pieces of his childhood years.
So what would a grown woman do with legos?

That's right. Sit down and make an extravagant mess on the ground. It was all inspired by something I saw on pinterest, and oh so worth the cleanup:


You might notice I also had to put a mascot on my mini lego sewing machine... that is a must. No sewing machine I've ever owned big or small goes without one. Unless of course it's an antique... that's a mascot on its own! It wasn't all that easy creating this from a bin of random parts... I was half expecting to get nowhere in this endeavor. There were remnants of ships, star crafts, and houses... pirates and dragons and ronins...
but like any quest, I persevered, in a manner of speaking. I did try starting off with black, but failed.

You might also be wondering where I got a small wooden spool of thread. It was luck, pure and simple.
Several years back I bought a vintage travel sewing kit with most of its tools still intact. It's rough around the edges but something that I've always had on my to-do list to restore and just never got around to even planning how I'm going to do that.

Anyway, it came with mini wooden spools-- a big reason why I got it in the first place. The rod detaches so you can keep refilling the spools with thread to use. Quite handy, and awesome not to mention cute as hell.
It was the perfect final touch along with a tiny scrap of fabric to go onto the "machine".

All in all, a very productive day I would say! 
How does a productive day look like in your life?


  1. Wow you completed some great stuff. : ) I saw some star trek fabric the other day, I've never seen it before but it made me think of my dad - he's a huge fan. I don't have many productive days because I'm unemployed, it makes every day seem sort of wasted. The only times I feel I've accomplished something is when I finish all my housework lol.

    1. Thanks!
      I wish that Star Trek fabric had as many choices for fabric than Star Wars-- Joann's had a fairly decent selection at one point... but after a while they just stopped carrying it.

      I know that feeling, it's hard to get yourself out of =S

  2. Aww!! Your sewing lego machine is amazing!! Well built I must say!
    I shamely have to admit that I haven't seen any Star Trek but a few episodes (sorry), but I'm a huge Star Wars fan especially of the old ones. I hope that they will make episode 7 more in that style.
    That pouch with vintage sewing gears is great. I'm a little bit jealous of all your vintage sew items ;) I wonder though what those sticks are supposed for.

    1. Thanks!
      I haven't seen Enterprise, but I have seen all of Voyager, DS9, NG, and ToS lol... I never tire of watching them over and over again while I sew!

      I love vintage sewing paraphernalia! And I guess it loves me back because there's never a time I haven't found something neat!
      I'm not an expert by any means, so my knowledge isn't concrete or anything hehe. My best guess is that the one with the egg shape thing on it is a glove darner-- to repair holes in finger tips on gloves and the like. The one that looks vaguely like a tooth pick has a few uses; the point was used similar to a seam ripper, and where modern seam rippers are some times refereed to-- stitch picker. You grabbed the stitch with the tip and snipped it with your scissors. Other uses included using the carved out bits to create a shank button of varying heights.
      It's all really quite neat!

  3. Aaaaaaw, look at all that lego! I miss my collection...! :) Your sewing machine looks cool; I read this post on my phone first and there, on the small pix it looked like a real swing machine...:D

    I love all 4 cushions, but your Star Trek one is simply the coolest! ;)

    I haven't been very productive fact, I've been kinda lazy; Alright, I made some pretty jewelry, but that's about it. I mean, there's so much housework to be done...and decorating...and...nah, I really don't feel like doing much right now...I have a lazy phase every once in a while though, sometimes all I want to do i gaming, reading and watching TV. :)

    1. Heheh, that's so funny! I guess from afar it kinda looks like a full scale real machine =P

      I know the feeling! But y'know, as long as you're enjoying your time, it's not really a waste, eh?

  4. That lego sewing machine is awesome! Good job! I love the Star Wars pillow and the Zelda one.

  5. The skirt is finally in the mail. Sorry it took so long!

    1. No problem, hun! I just make sure you get some rest and feel better =)

  6. Omg I love the Star Trek pillow. Where exactly on etsy did you get the fabric?

    1. Thanks!

      I got it from this shop:

      Though it doesn't seem like they're selling the blue one anymore, just the yellow.

      There is a couple more shops that do have it available, but I haven't bought from them. Here's one listing:


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