Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Coffin Rests, and Prototype Pumpkins

So, now that you all know I am trying to decorate my creative laboratory around a Halloween theme... I suppose it's time to let you in on all the things I am currently in the process of creating for myself, the self titled Spooky Seamstress-- could be a name for a new blog??


I'm going to post them as I finish them (or in this one case, days after), so I won't make this long... again... it might happen regardless...

This is merely a prototype; I say this because it technically doesn't function as it was meant... but the idea is still materialized... roughly.


Normal, and then spookified!

It's a pumpkin pincushion with a bat emery attached to it. I know, it needs work.
It's not actually filled with emery or sawdust, so that's why I said doesn't actually work as per its name...
I repeat, it's a prototype!

When I buy myself some emery and sawdust or crushed walnuts, this little creation might look a lot smoother and will also be a functioning member of my sewing society.


It's not enough to just post one photo... here we go again.
No really, I promise this'll be good.

If you're a sewist like me, then you have a ton of tools right beside your machine that constantly roll off the table. I did have a bowl, but that only worked for so long until I needed to spruce it up, make it spooky.

I had a few of these little wood coffins from Micheal's lying around, and they're just the right size! So a-painting I did go!

Here we have the bunch all together! How lovely. I put a ribbon on the lid to the base to keep the lid looking awesome, because the back (front)...

Has a little bat with button eyes and a web that kinda looks like it turned to stitching... kinda...

But wait! There's more!

It wasn't enough that I had a pumpkin pincushion with bat emery, and a coffin holder!

Nailed it.
I needed a skeleton hand holding it all, too.

Spook ya later!


  1. It's cute! I wanted to make a pin cushion out of an unfinished craft I had lying around not too long ago. I was going to stuff it with sawdust but I hesitated because I thought it would dull the pins. Do you think it would work, or is it better to just use batting??

    1. Sawdust helps to keep pins clear of rust and keeps them sharp, this is especially good for the newer type pins that can't go through emery since they're coated with an anti rust layer. A lot of pincushion crafters tend to use crushed walnut shells because it functions much more efficiently for that purpose... but it is the more expensive choice.

      Batting is really good if this doesn't matter to you, because an emery strawberry (or bat in my case) does this also.

    2. Thanks! That helps clear things up. I could never find a straight answer on the matter, most people just use batting for convenience but I have more sawdust than I do batting! I'll have to try it out. :)

  2. That little coffin with the batty is adorable

  3. You are so d*mn creative, I just love the pumpkin pincushion and the lovely coffin box!

  4. The pumpkin pincushions are great! Those little wooden boxes are so cute! I have seen a lot of nice things done with them, too bad we didn't get them in Australia!

  5. I love the coffin, the pumpkin, all of it!

  6. So cute!! I love the painted coffins!

  7. Too cute. I love the little pin cushion. That's going to be so awesome when it's done


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