Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Crafty Release


I know, I need to stop disappearing. After dropping news like the last, it would seem prudent to stay on top of updates. I have a horrid tendency to withdraw from anything social when the seas get a little rough in the mental ocean... this includes social media of any type.

I have been spending large amounts of time in my sewing room; it sounds unhealthy to lock away and avoid contact if at all possible, but I truly feel it's a necessary part of the way I can cope with reality. I understand the difficulty involved for people to deal with the likes of me... but we were simply wired differently.

In any case, I want you all to know you have my greatest, deepest and most profound gratitude for all the well wishes and prayers even if I may not always show it or say it-- it's important for you to understand how much you've all moved me.
If it's not too much to ask, I'd love for them to continue as my mother continues on her journey to recovery. The surgery went well and she's in good spirits. We're all anxious for her to get better and hear more good news on that front.

One good thing that has come from my seclusion, is that I was able to successfully complete the impossible: a handmade Christmas... they said it was impossible, but I proved them wrong.

I have made a total of 26 gifts this season. 7 are still North bound because I didn't make the post office in time before I left for Phoenix to see the hubby's side of the family.

I also don't have all the photographic proof of this endeavor, however... my camera is practically broken, and will only turn on a quarter of the time, even with a fresh battery.

It would seem this year my hubby's Christmas was pretty much all from a galaxy far far away...
I made him a case for his external hard drive, a case for his DS and charger, and a drawstring backpack to carry it all in.

This wasn't enough, of course. I made him some shorts to sport (which he isn't currently because he was absent and I felt like writing).

Since I am lacking the proof needed, other than my own word here's a list of everything else I made for people... sans the ones still waiting to be sent-- they're a surprise.

  • Hanging toiletry case
  • Matching flat iron case, complete with heat resistant fabric to be able to place a hot iron in
  • Matching shoe bag for traveling with expensive/cherished footwear
  • Cowboys shorts
  • Cowboys fleece blanket, double sided
  • Knit slytherin tapestry to go with her Gryffindor one
  • Kindle/tablet case
  • Kindle/tablet case
BIL's Girlfriend:
  • Flat iron case
Best Friend:
  • Two teddy bears, one for her girl one for her boy
  • Two doubled sided minky blankets, one for her girl one for her boy
Hubby's Best friend:
  • US Marine corps double sided blanket
  • Hot chocolate kit
Hubby's Best friend's Girlfriend:
  • Monogrammed flat iron case
  • Hot chocolate kit

Like I said, not everyone on my list is mentioned because that would mean spoiling surprises... but as you can see-- my crafting therapy has benefited not only my mental health, but a few people.

On a personal note, I have 2 weeks off of work and while I welcome the time off, it's a little inopportune because I need the money much more, especially with a trip up North in the near future... but it's unfortunately not a choice I have. We'll see how it all pans out.

I hope you all had a blessed Yule with family and good food.


  1. I'm glad to hear your mother is in good spirits and I wish her a healthy recovery. It looks like you've been very busy! I hope to lock myself in my sewing room for a few days lol.

  2. Wow, a fully handmade Christmas sounds wonderful! Well done! And you beat the consumer cycle this year! Yay!

    Sometimes I find I need to take more time to myself to think and go through my feelings and learn, as long as you keep up with your friends as well occasionally!

    Best wishes and prayers for your mother!


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