Monday, December 21, 2015

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Meanderings and Goals.

The wheels of time doth turn and churn, and like always I've been blind to its unrelenting passing.
Like Frankenstein to his monster, I tend to my creations to the detriment of everything and everyone around me-- I barely notice how many days go by before the next post. Typically by that time, days sometimes weeks have gone by.

November was pleasantly productive, I finally and once and for all finished that Whovian scarf that had so long haunted my WIP pile since its conceptualization that fateful day. I finished the bat peplum blouse, another notch on a trend I've been effectively obsessing about since 2013! I still haven't had enough, there is more yet to come.

I overhauled my entire fabric stash and came to the startling conclusion that I actually don't have a baby stash-- it's actually a huge stash that comfortably sits around very high triple digit yards on a given estimate. Scary-- so I took away all the excess that I could comfortably rid myself of... granted, it might not have seemed like much, but I have never fought so hard against my fabricaholic tendencies.

Carnage during the "great purge".
I went through my 200+ sewing patterns and retired many I'll never sew, and a few I can part with altogether. This has made sewing them all in my youth a feasible goal. I cleaned every nook and cranny, and redecorated the entirety of my sewing room; by god did it feel great!

Oh but how time has had it in for me this December.
Things have gotten slow once December arrived on the calendar. I mean real slow. So slow, my body aches with atrophy.
Ok, so I'm being dramatic... I've not felt this listless since I lived in Holbrook, AZ.

Some of you may remember how I combated this feeling; I used to make lists to keep me focused and busy. I decided to go back to doing that-- it helped a lot.

Since I really want to work through the remaining patterns and use (instead of hoard) my fabric stash, I thought it might be nice to target those especially with Roses and Vellum hosting a wardrobe sew-along. What better time to making it all happen-- as opposed to the smorgasbord of crafts that was once how the lists were.

So with my goals and intentions set, it's time to make it sew!

Sew long, and prosper.


  1. Aw, glad I inspired you!

    I like making lists of things to sew, too!

    1. Heck yeah! It's about time I start focusing my sewing efforts to dwindling the older parts of my stash of patterns and fabric-- I'm constantly buying new patterns and new fabric for pretty much the majority of my posts. Your guys' sew along has given me the perfect excuse to go at it more aggressively, instead of just hoping I'll get around to it lol.

  2. I really need to overhaul my stuff. I have so many patterns my bins are busting open. I know I haven't used the majority of them, it's just a hoarder thing I guess. :/

    1. It's a little eerie how much we're alike ;)
      I cannot stop hoarding-- 2016 has to be the year that changes or my house will explode at the seams too!.

  3. The piles in my fabric bins are actually going down! I'm purging too, and happy to be doing it. I've sent some patterns and fabric along to others who I know will use them. Soon I'll be able to take that large pile of jersey off the spare bed and put that into a bin so it doesn't get dustier! Next year is my year to start sewing and using up all my bits and pieces. AND I AM SERIOUS! Maybe I'll join Laura's sew-along. :)

    1. Woo hoo for progress! Laura's sew-along IS the perfect excuse. I feel like I'm participating in the world, while at the same time removing the hoarded yards of fabric from raw material to clothing.

      It does give one pause, though, how the closet will hold out with the influx of new garments... perhaps that's something to go in and purge too lol...
      I'll chew that when I get to it, I suppose.

  4. LOL that probably is a problem all of us can relate to - collecting fabric and everything creativity would need one day :-D

    1. Indeed, and it only takes one project that didn't have enough to get you down that deadly path lol.

  5. Awesome job on overhauling your fabric stash and patterns. It's awesome that you have a feasible number to create now. Really, really great work!

    Have a marvelous holiday season!
    ♥ Jessica


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