Monday, January 4, 2016

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Developing The Horizon.

A new year a new canvas, right?
When I look back at 2015 it's not with a particular reverence; last year was a giant listless fog. I may have been my most productive in my sewing room, but there was a passion lacking in my efforts; I seemed to have misplaced it along the way to now.
As I went through 2015's archives, I frowned some. I lacked something, and it just got worse over the year.

I remember when I lived with my mother I had this insatiable hunger to create; there was nothing I didn't wish to dabble in, and my mother encouraged and supported each endeavor-- whether it was jewelry making, film photography, painting, sculpting, creative writing... I tried and loved so much!

And now, now I'm an adult and my running excuse is that I would rather focus on a sole hobby then spread myself too thinly.
I've had enough of that excuse, I haven't felt any growth as an artist and have reluctantly cringed at the word. That is not right; I remember being a teenager and attempting to find my artistic niche through a plethora of mediums... and looking back at that time, I believe I resembled an artist closer then, than I ever have in my adult life.

So you know what, I decided to get back into the things that made me happy: 2016 will be the year I resume my position as a jack-of-all-trades (circa 2003), for whether through pyrography, sculpting, or sewing... I have always loved manifesting my heart and dreams through my hands.

To ring in the new day of the new calendar year, I bought some flower wire and mosaic tiles to reacquaint myself with one of those long lost friends; these supplies are cheap and abundant, perfect for the purposes of practice unlike the costliness of actual jewelry wire and cabochons. Oh beloved wire work... how I have missed you.

I realized that you can most certainly forget how to wire work (lol), and this is especially true of your flesh. My index fingers were a nice shade of purplish red having worked 5 pendants in a night-- the best of the bunch being the two pictured. I practiced different forms of wire weaves and twists. Rebuilding my skill set means rebuilding the savage callouses I used to don.

I practiced on the less pretty pieces in my bag of tiles; I set aside the pretty ones to practice a little painting on. I used acrylic paints and then took a thick sewing needle and scratched out finer details.

I am going to glaze them with a layer of modge podge dimensional magic to prevent the design from being worn off... once I buy a bottle that is, heh.
When I eventually feel at home with wire again, I will purchase some black wire and make what I hope is going to be some pretty snazzy pendants.

After painting these couple of tiles it also got me to thinking about painting in general, too. Last year I purchased a palette of watercolor cakes from Micheal's which I used to paint a witch as a part of a Halloween swap, and I haven't touched it since.

In the eerie hours of yesterday's morning, I busted out my pad of paper and began sketching one of my furry muses... little Khan. I had no particular goal for the sketch, I merely doodled for lack of a better word.

Khan seemed content sitting at the table and creating with me; what a sweet little tot. We stayed up just basking in all the supplies I had dug out. I had bought a bottle of masking fluid from walmart to experiment with some time ago, and this piece seems like the perfect one to try it on. However, I don't want to use any of my new brushes for the stuff, so this drawing will have to wait for the color wash and inking until I can buy some rubber tipped brushes.

I don't think he sees a resemblance.

After a few days of just playing with art supplies it is clear what I need for myself in 2016, and it is with all of this in mind that I was able to compile what I will achieve in the coming year.

Expanding Myself:

  • Take a watercolor class: I'd like to make friends while learning and expanding myself. Watercolors is something I've always had an interest in going to a class for, so it clicked together-- now that there's a community art school at my disposal with which to fulfill this desire.
  • Begin learning how to crochet: I taught myself how to knit, so why not crochet? They say it's easier to catch on to... so we'll see. I've managed a chain stitch and a very rudimentary edging finish to some knitted pieces.
  • Continue learning tatting: I had the basics down with a shuttle once upon a time, my momma even found me some vintage ones that seem really neat but I never used. I have let up on my education so I don't remember how to do it. A little ironic because I had purchased some tatting needles because I was lead to believe it was easier and more intuitive than the shuttle.
  • Sew more in solids and luxury materials: I've been feeling trapped in the materials I've been using in my sewing. As cute and awesome as Halloween prints are, I think it's about time I resume making more decadent pieces of attire for my closet. Pieces that have a little more maturity and class in mind; laces, velvets, and dark colored solids will be incorporated into my future projects.
  • Sew a waist training corset: I've made fashion corsets in the past, all for friends. I buy fabric for corsets I keep saying I'll make for myself and it never happens because what I actually want is to delve into legitimate corsetry.
  • Explore the city: while I lived in Canada, I had the luxury of a pretty boisterous art community, and a nice range of live jazz lounges to pick from. I took that for granted; moving South of the border, there hasn't been a lot of art and music of my tastes for me to experience because of the rather small and rural nature of the places I have lived in. I've gotten so used to not having places to go to that I even forgot what it's like to go out for something other than going to and from work and the grocery store.
  • Self-date: My husband refuses every one of my invites to see things that seemed cool. I missed a myriad of events and historical sites for years because he didn't feel like going or it wasn't his thing, and in return I didn't want to go alone so I stayed home sulking. Yet, when he desired to go to sporting events I went along despite absolutely abhorring everything but the food. I wonder how I got used to this... I used to go on self-dates all the time while I lived in Canada; it's time to get that independence back.

Refining Myself:
  • Purge my wardrobe: having a hobby in garment sewing, one has a tendency to accumulate an inordinate amount of clothing. I feel it's about time to let go of pieces I've had for years years and haven't worn even on an irregular basis.
  • Maybe get a haircut: I've been sporting long locks for many years now... perhaps it's time to change it up a little? This is one I constantly say I'll do and never actually do it lol, that is why there is emphasis on the 'maybe'.
  • Invest in platform shoes and boots: I no longer like stiletto heels. I mean they're pretty and I'll probably keep my absolute favorite pairs (ones passed down from my mother), but it's torture and as I get older the less I can justify the pain I endure for the sake of vanity. Totally not saying heels are wrong for every woman, though... just so we're clear, heh.
I am just fed up of wishing and hoping things will change or I'll eventually get a chance... Nope. I am legitimately fed up of my stagnation; it's gone on for too long now.


  1. What a great set of goals to work on. Check out for a super set of crochet lessons. I used her videos to teach myself to crochet and I highly recommend them. She has right-handed and left-handed videos too.

  2. Great choices. I hope you'll find a kindred spirit on your self dates and you will never feel lonely at events again. I used to paint a lot when I was younger, and I was fairly good at it, but it needs practice like any skill. Your pendants and drawing are amazing! Go girl, take charge :-)

    1. Definitely, I am quite rusty but despite not really liking the quality I've never felt a more renewed sense of self while doing it.

      Thank you!

  3. I'm feeling a lot of this. I'm coming back into my art but I want to remain goal oriented. I used to dabble in all sorts of mediums and it would only result in a mass amount of unfinished projects all over the house lol. It would drive my parents crazy when I lived with them, and now it drives my fiance nuts! I think it's great that you'll be taking a watercolour course. I've always wanted to but I'm so clumsy and heavy handed with that medium, that by the end of a project the whole thing looks like mud lol.

    I hardly ever go out, anymore. My man is very simple, he likes video games and watching movies. I found over the holidays that I just couldn't stand doing that over and over again, so I visited family. I want to socialize and attend more culture and art based events in my city. Even if that means I'm doing it alone. I'm still young and I want to enjoy my youth. I realized this a few months ago when I visited a rec center and an older woman said to me, "it must be great to be so young and beautiful." I know I'm getting older, but I'm not doing enough to enjoy my present life. I'm far too caught up in the future, I really ought to get out and enjoy being young and live in the moment. Hopefully you and I will be able to self date more often in the new year. I look forward to hearing about the events you attend. :)

    1. Ordinarily I love gaming and watching videos, but there's a point where a line needs to be drawn, like you said... I actually notice myself withering away just filling my day with that and not something that gives me a sense of purpose. It's not something simply a job can fulfill, and I had a hard time communicating this to my husband, who believed it was just a lack of financial freedom getting me down on days. I've always lacked money, worse with my mother then now, but I was happier and more fulfilled then because I experienced *so much* and it never exceeded my means.

      To us and the new year ;)

  4. I felt pretty stagnant myself in 2015.....from reading various blog posts, it seems like a lot of people felt that way for some reason! May we all move forward and achieve our goals in 2016!

    1. 2015 was a weird year...
      Indeed, to the new year =D

  5. You can doooo it! You are a wonderfully creative women and I'm glad your passion to create and expand your horizons are re-energized!!! Can't wait to see your creations and adventures :)

    1. Aww thank you =D
      Oh I definitely think they'll be more to post! Haha.

  6. I think it's a great idea to have a million different hobbies, whether or not you master every single one - who cares, as long as you're having fun! Self dates are a great idea. Thrifting and bookstores are my self dates. It's important to maintain your individuality, even when you are part of a couple. :)

    1. Right?! How did I ever think it was a bad thing?! Growing up is confusing... lol
      I've always understood that relationships are give and take; taking a very pragmatic stance with every little thing. Mostly I think it's worked out for the business end of stuff-- no real mystery when it comes to communication. We have our differences, but lately I feel he's been ignoring that fact and focusing very rigidly on what makes us the same, for what reason I cannot say. I blame myself for it, for letting it become habit-- I want to celebrate our differences, not stuff them away for the sake of unanimity.

  7. Down with stagnation! I look forward to reading about your achievements. :D

  8. Your wirework is beautiful! I also love wirewrapping, but my only skill is Herringbone :D And I really like your drawing, very inspiring! Have a wonderful and creative 2016!

    1. I adore how herringbone looks!
      Wire wrapping hurts, but it's a good hurt, heheh.
      Hopefully I can finishing the drawing before I tire of it lol.
      Thank you! And to you I hope the same ;)

  9. Wow, you are so multitalented! That wire work and drawing!

  10. It must be wonderful feeling to back to your favorite activities. I fascinated by things you did with wonderful colors.


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