Thursday, July 21, 2016

Freakshow Films: Home For The Holidays.

I haven't been posting reviews for the movies I watch as often as I should, and since we're nearing another wonderful October, it's time to get our caramel corn out and enjoy the ensuing flood of horror movies on Netflix and the like!

The first of the season I got my grubby hands on is:

Holidays (2016)

I started watching it before reading the complete synopsis, seduced by the movie poster, and discovered it's a series of short films according to each holiday-- including mother's day, father's day and New Years-- an anthology.

Oddly enough Thanksgiving was not included in the illustrious bunch of celebratory days... I think they missed a good opportunity there.

I also think they shot for the wrong audience when writing Halloween; it was terrible, and not the good kind of terrible...
I don't know what they were heading at exactly, but it came off cheap and utterly predictable. Bad writing, bad acting, bad setting-- just all around disappointing. Very sad to say it was my least favorite segment.

It has a very retro slasher feel throughout; I could see this becoming a cult classic, despite and because of its obvious short comings.

I would give it 4 and a half out of 10 spooky bats. The best parts are in my opinion the ones I least expected to be good. I wouldn't rush to see it, but should it come up on your queue I'd say give it a watch-- it's still worth its weight in afternoon entertainment.

What is on your queue this spooky season?


  1. I never heard of this film before, but thank you you so much for sharing. I think this is going to be my Sunday movie this week. ♥

  2. Well hmmm, I'll stay away from it then :(
    Always in my queue is Trick 'r Treat, Sleepy Hollow and the Halloween episodes of Buffy (Halloween and Fear itself).


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