Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: The Tempest Sea, The Northern Star.

Hello friends!

Long time no see.
I took a rather long break from the digital web I've woven; nary a blip or blurb on many of my social media outlets sans instagram, which I have taken a small liking to.

Indeed, life has been turned upside down for many of us-- especially with the political and media tides as they have been. I took solace in my solitude and craft.
Alas, it wasn't enough.

I began suffering a streak of depression which meant a savage spike in my insomnia. Medication helped me fall asleep, but all this with my apnea meant that sleep, when it came, offered no rest. I was constantly exhausted.

My husband and I decided that a change in our surroundings might help, so we packed our apartment and we moved. Yes, we really did that, and yes, I was really that desperate.

The new house while it is nicer, meant an increase in rent and utilities that I was so sure wouldn't be a problem because I was convinced that I could find another little retail job like I have always been able to in the past-- that small income boost would be enough to keep our train rolling.
Alas, I haven't had much luck this time.

A few interviews but not a single substantial bite.

We couldn't/can't really afford to do anything extra, so my beloved Samhain and Hallowe'en came and went without celebration or indulgence. We used money that the in-laws sent for the hubby's birthday to buy some extra groceries so that I could grill a nice meal at home at least, on his birthday a day before Hallowe'en.

On the other hand, my insomnia and depression have shifted back towards manageability, but unless the pressure for work is alleviated I suspect it will return; currently in good spirits, though.

So I know it's a  rather long shot, but I have decided to jump into the artists pond in search for work.
I have begun checking off the list of things to do in order make it in the crafty market, where once I nearly drowned.

I have been reconstructing my brand and humble little corner on Etsy as the shop called The Serpent & The Thimble, which I hope you will consider come open.

Like my announcement banner states, I have been diligently preparing for a grand opening in 2017, but some items will creep into the shop before then-- the grand opening simply means the deadline at which the bulk of what I've been working on should be listed up for your buying and viewing pleasure.

I haven't fully decided on a logo, I have a few sketches I drew up to consider... but I couldn't well open the shop without a single taste in the kind of shop it'll be, so I used my meager photoshop skills and added a thimble to this already collaged vector to create this placeholder till I finalize my design.

Thimble vector from Graphics Fairy and the rest is unknown.

It is as close to what I envision as I can decide at the moment, but definitely not final since, obviously, I didn't fully create it myself.

The shop name is a lot longer than what many people recommend, but it seems to hit a note with the kind of patrons I wish to attract.

The shop name is derived from a few metaphors and literal nuances. The serpent, which is widely used in the description of Pagan's and Healers alike; my great grandmother was a Curandera, and I have taken up her mantle and craft from childhood; sewing seems to be my tool for healing.

I didn't choose to use a needle nor a spool of thread in my design, I found the significance of a thimble much more appealing. The often overlooked shield used to protect your fingers from the prick and poke of weaving and creating. You could say it was an obvious and typical choice for a Cancerian like me.

It's definitely the most ambitious endeavor I have embarked on since my failure oh those years ago, but the best beacon of hope I have. I feel changed for having taken this leap.
Thankfully one of the benefits of time is growth, and I know many more things now than I did before.
Hopefully enough to keep me afloat for as long as I need!


  1. If I may I would recommend not using a picture so much like the one on your dollar bills (reminds me of the masons or the Illuminati) - maybe keep the eye but not the triangle?
    Good luck with your shop!

  2. Good to hear from you! Seems like you move even more than me - and this is not a good thing. I'm so glad to have moved together again with my boyfriend and finally calm down with him. I missed him so much during the last year! I keep my fingers crossed for your shop! Might even shop there. Who knows?! ;)


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