Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Skeleton Closet: The Vintage Vest.

I always seem to have this issue of not feeling like I look goth during the summer months despite wearing black all over. So as often as I want to, I'll be posting up my outfits for the public to decide whether it's just black clothes or gothic summer time flair.

Last year while I was still living up North, I came upon a vintage shop downtown called USED-House of Vintage. My build is teetering on the larger side, so despite finding many beautiful things my thick ribs and small bust kept making fitting situations awkward and tight.... until I saw a little piece of awesome peeking out from a chest. When I uncovered it, it was one of the most beautiful vests I've ever laid eyes on and it fit!

It is from a company called DAM American Concept; I haven't done much research into it, and a quick google search yielded nothing of note.
It has a mesh front with a floral pattern sewn onto it with ribbon. The back is velvet with a lacing detail to cinch it. The buttons are tattered and I am not really fond of them-- but I haven't found buttons that I'm happy with to replace them.

 In this outfit, I incorporated the vest with a cotton black camisole I found at the thrift store by Urban Behavior, and another thrifted find being the black mesh and lace petticoat found at the same thrift store as the vest. I got the beautiful semi-flats at an outdoor fleamarket with my husband years ago, but I've seen the style bounce around in stiletto-pump form.

To top it all off I wore a hairbow and necklace I made.

Obvious steampunk influence

So... Goth or not?


  1. That vest is a great find- it's very pretty. I know what you mean about not feeling very goth in the summer, but I think with the accessories you added this outfit definitely has a gothic vibe to it, rather than just being black clothing.

    1. Thanks =)
      I suppose if I had darker make up it may help, but that's really hard for me since that's one thing I am not very creative with; that and doing my hair... lol

  2. I love the necklace that you made, it's very unique! That vest was a really great find! I love finding neat stuff at vintage stores.

    1. Thank you =)

      I'm very addicted to the thrill of the hunt lol
      It's so much fun!


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