Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: The Rockabilly-Kitsch Apron

 I recently became the owner of a brand new piece of household machinery. The SE400 Brother Embroidery/Sewing machine.

 It's simple and rather limited as far as embroidery machines go, but profoundly fun to noodle around with above average home use.

Or so I assume!...

I've only had this machine for a little over 2 weeks now, so I haven't quite explored all its features and capabilities.
Add to the fact that all my supply and materials are back in the snowy North; I have very little to really acquaint myself with this machine.
But having a wonderful and concerned husband, he drove me to buy a little bit of materials in Flagstaff.

If anyone I know is reading this, they know that the minute "buy supply" crosses my head, suddenly everything turns hazy! Any idea I might've had floats away into oblivion. So he patiently waited as I strolled through isles pulling out bolt after bolt of fabric and trims... that is until the third run through...

He got fed up and grabbed some day of the dead fabric he saw me purchase before, and told me that THAT was what I was getting-- now match it!

Easy enough! I grabbed a prepackaged quilting square of purple fabric, and matching pom pom trim; which in all honesty, piqued my interest at first, and the reason why it was sooo easy to make the matching decision. He and I mesh so well... *end sap*

I'd like to add that there were a myriad of more useful things I could've made-- at the store with the fabric, I had no idea that an apron was what I was going to make with it all. But as the people who know me know, I love to cook gourmet! (my personal and secret blend of herbs in my fried chicken, and roasted garlic and herb scratch burgers topped with my own secret sauce are favorites amongst my husband and his co-workers!) And when my cauldron in the kitchen starts its bubbling I create quite the mess. So it almost came to me instinctively to make the apron.

Back at home, I was having issues with my rather large spool failing to fit on the rather small holder on the machine; I always stock on large serger spools of black thread because I go through it faster than I do a case of vanilla cola.
After tinkering a little trying to figure an easy way to use it, I decided to go digging through items in the house that I could fashion to serve this need.
So I came up with a cutting board holder with removable pegs, some various paper clips, and some duct tape....

Minutes later, I had MacGyver'd myself a spool holder:
Necessity breeds ingenuity!
I didn't tape the pegs down in case I needed to move them over to use it with a twin needle later.
And after some needed time getting to know my machine, I realized that I spent more time smiling and having fun than I ever had with my previous machines. I never had to unstitch and redo seams at all (a problem which at first I thought was me and a lack of sewing skill!)-- it was bliss. I drafted the pattern for this one myself, using container lids and other such tom foolery, as I don't ordinarily work with premade ones.

P.S. I've decided to help any potential readers skip my "fluff" entirely in regards to my posts. Keeping my titles relevant to the body of the post. Creepy Craft Crusades is the title I will use when the post pertains to my love affair with crafts.

P.P.S I use post script too often already! Hah! 

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  1. This is so awesome! I love that fabric and you did such a beautiful job. I love the cut of the apron, it's so much more fun than most aprons I see. It certainly has that rockabilly flair!

    1. Thank you!
      It's probably the most colorful thing I own, and I love it heh


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