Monday, October 22, 2012

Skeleton Closet: Corp Goth Look 2

My propensity towards extravagant outfits and a lack of imagination for minimal detail has not been in my favor during my current job search; it has become a priority to seek monetary exchange for my abundance of time.

Like any person heeding to an alternative fashion, the choice to look and feel the way we want does not often agree with how the corporate world wishes to see us: this is my second attempt at finding a marriage between the two worlds.

In my last creepy craft post, I was revamping a knit sweater my mother sent me. The dye didn't take as well as I would like. I sort of expected that to happen; I had a hunch it was a synthetic fiber.

I am not really in love with it just yet; I wanted to add some more, but my materials are limited at the moment, and nothing I have inspired use. So it'll have to do for now. It does look quite well with a brooch, though.

Now the outfit without the vest completely transforms the look into something much younger.

This is really the outfit I would've worn to a prospective interview; the vest was just a show of what it looks like, because it is now heading to the project pile (who knows when I'll feel like getting back to it).

What I am wearing:

  • Top: thrifted
  • Waist belt: Fairweather Co.
  • Skirt: thrifted
  • Vest: DIY revamp
  • Brooch: self-made
  • Shoes: thrifted
Do you ever get so enthusiastic about something, only to lose that feeling when you get to working on the item?

Heads up: I plan to amalgamate Hot Weather Goth into Skeleton Closet, and I have this worry that it'll spam everyone with that teeny update, so I'm very sorry for that.


  1. I get really worked up about pieces when I'm making them, and the more time it takes to create, the harder it is for me to stay psyched about it.

    1. I feel that.
      My attention comes in bursts, and it's frustrating!

  2. You always dress so classy!
    yeah I definitely lose my motivation sometimes when I work on my little diy projects, I rarely finish something in one sitting.

    1. Thank you =)

      See I try so hard to finish in one go; otherwise my project pile grows too big to handle.

  3. I really like the skirt with the waist belt. It is definitely hard to dress for work and keep it alternative at the same time!


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