Monday, October 7, 2013

Skeleton Closet: Simplicity 2367 Review -- Reader's Choice

After months of planning on creating the shorts from one of these patterns (view D--simplicity). I finally got around to sewing it.
Since it isn't my pattern originally, the first thing I did was to copy each individual piece onto tissue paper... although, I really feel like that should be done no matter what; it extends the life of the pattern.

Anyway, in the post I linked, I had a bit of choice in front of me that I left up to my readers-- which one was I to make first? It wasn't a unanimous choice, but the shorts ended up being it.

And here it is. I changed my design decisions a bit from the initial plan-- it wasn't a large deviation, but instead of the intended venetian lace trim around the leg bands, I chose to create an overlay on the pockets; a little more subtle, just so I can easily match it up with anything in my wardrobe. It has a side zipper closure, and the pockets are quite deep and roomy.

During the mock up, which is too ugly for photos ( pale yellow satin marked with purple felt tip) I noticed some errors on the pattern and on the directions; I hope they were found and quickly fixed... but in this copy, they are present.

The mistakes are concentrated around the waist band; when you're piecing the 4 waist band pieces (2 front, 2 back) together you end up with 2 completed waist bands; one is your facing. Quite regrettably, I didn't take any photos of this, so this is going to sound profoundly confusing... I will create an example and update this post in the future.

The confusion comes when you're stitching them together; it directs you to stitch each band at the right side seam, which I assumed was the right sides of both front pieces because it did not specify.
When I started piecing the completed bands onto the shorts, I noticed that the facing wouldn't line with the base band; it ended up front with back, instead of front and front. So, you'll need to stitch to the left seam of one of the bands and it'll be correct in the end-- the one with only one side of interfacing so that the front won't be too stiff.
Next, the dot marks on the pattern piece of the front waist bands needed to mark where the front tabs go is not printed in for size 14-- which is the size I am. I took my seam gauge and approximated the distance between each dot for each size and then made the dot mark for my size.

Once again, I deeply apologize for not taking photos of this-- it's rather important if you're going to undertake this pattern.

But anyway. Near completion I realized I only had 14 inch invisible zippers, and this pattern needed a 7 inch zipper.

Since I don't have zipper stops, I had to DIY it. I first thought of melting the teeth together at the length I needed, but then I remembered I didn't have my soldering wand for precision melting...
Using super glue will fall off after a few washes, and stitching an overcast stop tears apart after enough wear... next best thing? Nail polish coated overcast stitch.

I figured this method out after a few bad trials with most DIY stop methods. I deduced that since nail polish makes a great fray check that stays nearly indefinitely, why wouldn't it work for protecting the overcast zipper stop. Best idea ever, I tell ya... and yes, I'm tooting my own horn.

As I mentioned, the pockets are done with an overlay of lace, and binded with bias tape-- although the pattern calls for folding under and top stitching all around. I liked the look of the bias tape.

All in all the pattern needed very little alteration-- I just added a bit of length to the leg bands because they were a touch too tight when I sat down. But yes, it was a nice weekend project... and luckily we are still of the weather to wear shorts down here in the deserty south.
Oh and the buttons! Can't forget about the buttons... they're my favorite! They're metal skull shank buttons that I picked up on Etsy several months ago.

What I am Wearing:
  • Top: K-mart
  • Shorts: Self-made with Simplicity pattern 2367 in view D
  • Shoes: Hand-me-downs from my momma's old wardrobe


  1. Those shorts are lovely, you did an excellent job! And they look amazing on you. I love the lace on the pockets and the skull buttons :).
    Also, your mom had exquisite taste in clothing :D those patent oxfords are so cute. I really like the clothes you chose for this outfit and your make-up: the colour of that lipstick is wonderful. Is is a dark red mixed with black and/or purple? In any case, it's a good colour for you :)

    1. Thank you =)
      My mom was a very fashionable lady in her youth, sadly she's given that up for more "comfortable" attire and is passing everything she finds down to me-- it's surprising me how much of my tastes are almost exactly like hers at my age, and that most of it fits!

      My lipstick is a brownish red lipstick blended with a black liner pencil-- it also used to be my mother's go-to color too!

    2. From what you said in this entry (and in other previous entries) you and your mom seem to really get along with each other, and it looks like she understands and supports your choice of style. This is amazing :)

  2. I am not really a fan of shorts, but they look great on you. All the little details you added like the lace and the binding around the edges of the pocket actually made them look a little bit elegant! Great job!

    1. It took living in a rural area for me to start warming up to shorts-- I wasn't a huge fan of them either... but I'm really thrilled by this pair. I feel like it's a really good compromise between my love of elegance and practicality for this area.

  3. WOW!! They look AMAZING - actually your whole outfit looks amazing!! :D

    1. Thank you! =)
      I wasn't positive if the top complimented the shorts justly, but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet hehe.

  4. I absolutely dislike shorts and never wear them, but these are quite lovely! The lace overlay on the pockets is stunning. I agree, the shirt compliments the shorts very well, so despite them being shorts, they look really sophisticted in this ensemble. :)

    Also, you did a great job altering the pattern and finishing the shorts. I wish I could sew at least half as good as you can...maybe even 1/3 of your talent would be enough...:D

    1. Thank you! Shorts can be a hit or miss, at least this pair doesn't cause my eyes any despair lol.

      Sewing takes more patience than skill, hehe. If you've got the creativity, which I'm positive you do... all you need is time ;)

  5. The zipper stop DIY is brilliant! I am definitely going to try this, thank you!

    Your sewing skills never cease to amaze me (I think I've said this in the past) and I love that you make things your own even while using a pattern!

    I just picked up a few patterns at Hobby Lobby (craft store) as they had a .99 cent pattern sale. I'm hoping I have the guts to re-try sewing from a pattern, they confuse the *bleep* out of me!

    1. You're welcome, I'm thoroughly pleased you like the idea. It seems to simple, yet I haven't seen it suggested elsewhere, despite nail polish being highly regarded as the next best fray stopper to Fray Check.

      Yeah, some commercial patterns can sometimes be a bit of head-scratcher, but Simplicity *usually* has been the least confusing, as far I've seen... though it isn't saying much, to be honest. Sometimes not reading them at all helps me, and then I go on to decipher the instructions lol.

  6. Those shorts turned out great, I'm really impressed with your sewing skills!

  7. See, that is the difference between you and I, Madame MM. At the first sign of something not working right (i.e. waistband, wrong size zipper, too short leg bands) I would have given up and tossed it into the Unfinished Projects pile. And now I would be throwing it away rather than packing it up. ;o)

    I applaud your dedication to getting things done, despite the obstacles. :D

    1. I just love clothes so much that when I've picked the fabric and all the trimmings I can't help but to finish! Sometimes, I'll even pull all-nighters due to the excitement.
      A new addition to my wardrobe, especially if I made it, definitely ranks as one of the most exciting events I anticipate lol... it's a little bit sad, when I say it out loud... but it's a beloved hobby, what can I say! Some people collect snow globes or cards, I collect clothes and accessories =P

  8. I don't do shorts - and in my country they can basically only be worn daytime during 3 out of 12 months. But if I did, I would place an order with you. They look both fun and professional, and lace detailing is always a must!


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